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Discover an unknown and beautiful country : Albania

Our aim is :
To help you discover a still virgin country, with a 3000 old history.
With a culture and Christian faith, where the coexistence and religious tolerance are exemplary.
With a 440 km coastline, still virgin beaches, plains, mountains, and very rich flora and fauna, all these in only 28.748 square kilometres.
Here is the birthplace of the great humanist Albanian Mother Thrsa, of Mehmet Bay Kavalla founder of modern Egypt, our national hero George Castriot Scanderberg who prevent for a quarter-century Europe's Islamization, of Enver Hoxha who governed with an iron-hand for the past 50 years of the XXth century and Ismail Kadare, whose literary work is already translated into over 40 foreign languages.
Here was sheltered Andromaque, the Hector's widow, after the destruction of Troy.
This country was visited by Julius Caesar, Virgil, Pompeii, Martin Leake, Delacroix, Pouqueville, Lord Byron, Turkish sultans, Khrushchev, Chou En-La, Micotaqis, Berlusconi, and recently by George W. Bush.
And you, what do you expect ?

l'Albanie en Europe