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The Reception

We welcome you in different access customs Albania, ready to serve you guiding seriously and culturally. You will be surprised by our sense of hospitality.

  1. At Tirana Itinéraire airport.
  2. At ports of Durrés Itinéraire, Vlore Itinéraire or Sarande Itinéraire. .
  3. In the land of Customs :
  • Hani i Hotit or Muriqan to ShkodraItinéraire;
  • Morina to Kukës ;
  • Tushemisht or Qafe Thane to Pogradec Itinéraire;
  • Kapshtice to Korca Itinéraire;
  • Tri Urat to Permet;
  • Kakavija to Gjirokaster Itinéraire;
  • Qafe Boti to Sarande Itinéraire.
Points d'Entrée